Analyzing the impacts for social good.

There is a vital difference between doing good and feeling good. The process from ideation to planning, implementation and follow-up can be short or lengthy depending on the project’s scope. This blog aims to both catalyze effective practices and analyze the challenges behind social entrepreneurship so that we are working with communities rather than for them. This blog aims to uncover how much more sustainable, empowering and meaningful an endeavor will be through thoughtful deliberation.

About the creator

Salomeh Ahmadi has worked in community development for over 7 years. Her passion for effective, innovative and empowering models of problem solving has brought her curiosity to analyzing social entrepreneurial approaches, advocating for equity and grassroots organizing, such as cross sector collaboration, and projects such as: mobile app building, in order to catalyze social good. She has founded the new Rexdale Lab, in August of 2014, where currently 36 different professionals and residents of North Etobicoke (from 14 different organizations) meet once a month to engage in experimental and creative ways to address community needs.

Blog by: @SalomehA

Twitter @CoCreateImpact


Email info.Salomeh@gmail.com


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