Democratization of Technology

Technology has never before been more democratized. More and more people and communities are engaging in producing something that reflects a social issue. Anyone can create a startup, crowd fund resources, start a social venture – risk the traditional notions of a career and learn on the web through thousands of free courses.

Whether through coding, design, mobile apps, twitter, instagram, direct action, dance and countless other methods, more and more young people use any means to carry out an act(s) of citizenship apart from the bureaucratic methods of elections, policy or holding political officials accountable. People seek alternative ways to make a difference, and seek access to disruptive channels of power – done so by co-creating impact.

This blog will analyze the impacts and processes behind social good, social entrepreneurship; share knowledge, resources and tools, and tactics (NB: in brevity) where young adults are experimenting in order to exercise agency and intervene in public affairs and to emphasize: how can these grow in quality?

Co-Create Impact (CoCI or Co-see for fun), will also look at how opportunities are distributed for those marginalized from access and other forms of privilege in social enterprise – an important point to consider when cross sector collaboration are seen as more and more vital in addressing systemic environmental, cultural, political and socio-economic issues. Reviewing both the practical and the research to influence our findings and catalyze our ideas, we will try to emphasize the practical, share case studies and interview those with lived experiences on the quest for social good through entrepreneurship.

Most importantly we have to be mindful of the difference between doing good and feeling good.


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